A better way to recognize

Everything you need to kickstart a culture of recognition and appreciation

"WooBoard is the place where we go to celebrate our successes. You see all the wonderful things people are doing and it inspires more of the same. The overall impact has been one of really increasing the positivity of our culture."

Lizz Tripp - Program Coordinator, Educators 4 Excellence
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Our intuitive design makes it easy to give recognition that is instant, public and meaningful.

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Celebrate wins as a team and start a conversation of recognition. Tap into the pulse of company culture.

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Don’t have the time to roll-out and manage a recognition program? Let us help you every step of the way.

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Points System

Our Points System gives you a holistic view of employee engagement scores in real time and is the key to driving transparent recognition.

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Your company values

Bring your company values to life. Build a unified culture where employees understand company values and are motivated to achieve them.

A targeted rewards program

Whether you want to motivate daily excellence, engagement, company values, teamwork or the big wins, WooBoard lets you target and incentivize the triggers for these outcomes.

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Perfect for teams

Easily set up and manage teams based on department, location, activity or interests. Because teams deserve recognition too.

Stay connected

Ensure your employees are motivated, engaged and recognized, wherever they are.

Mobile, tablet and desktop.

Better feedback

Use profile pages to remember employee contributions and conduct performance reviews that are fully informed.

Activity reports

Employee activity reports mean managers never miss special efforts and achievements.

White labelled

Customize WooBoard to match your company brand and make it your own.

Start a conversation of recognition

Set up in under 5 minutes. No credit card. No software to install.