Privacy Policy

Privacy is fundamental to WooBoard. Each company or organization on WooBoard lives in a separate WooBoard that assures the privacy of its Members and the User Content posted in that WooBoard. Here’s how it works:
  • Only the people in your WooBoard can view the Member profiles and feeds.
  • We don’t share your private information with advertisers. This includes your email address and the email addresses of others in your WooBoard.
  • Access to our database is granted only to our technicians on a case-by-case basis to troubleshoot specific technical issues, or as may be required by law.


On the deactivation/cancelation of a paid account, data is archived and not deleted. This enables the account to be reactivated in the future if you change your mind and want to return to WooBoard.

Data Deletion
Customers can request account data to be deleted by emailing We will delete the account data within 7 business days of the request. The requester must be the account creator or a user who had been previously been assigned admin privileges. In some situations we may need to confirm the identity of the requester (usually a confirmation email) before deleting account data.

Account data is defined as all of the following that is directly connected to an account:

  • User details (name, email, encrypted password)
  • Team details
  • Woos
  • Team woos
  • Likes
  • Status Updates
  • Comments
  • Badge achievements
  • Points